Food Service Ideas for Mother’s Day Menus

From special memories to special menus, make your Mother’s Day service one worth celebrating.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner on May 14th, now is a great time to start planning your restaurant’s menu to ensure a successful and memorable celebration for customers. Below we’ve compiled a list of items that are well-suited for creating celebratory menu offerings.

VEGGIES: keto foodservice asparagus

Arcadian Salad Mix 17391
Iceberg Salad Mix 26486
Fresh Asparagus 26189
Fresh Broccoli Crowns 26188
Fresh Broccoli Florets 26492
Fresh Cauliflower 26087
Cauliflower Florets 26167
Fresh Baby Spinach 26680
Fresh Brussels Sprouts 26674
Fresh Zucchini 16018
Fresh Snipped Green Beans 26599
Fresh Hass Avocado 26356
Fresh Sugar Snap Peas 26526
Simply Potato Shredded White Potatoes 23783
Fresh Cole Slaw Mix 22002

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Salmon Filet Skin-On Boneless 3205
Ocean Horizons Salmon 8oz 26982
Ocean Horizons Haddock 8/10oz 18839
Lobster Meat Claw & Knuckle 3640
Lobster Meat Tail, Claw & Knuckle 12288
Six Mates 16-20ct Raw Tail-on Shrimp 1303
IQF Blanched Mussels, Whole in Shell 4051
FPI 16-20ct Cooked Tail-on Shrimp 21497
Sea Watch Super Surfers Crispy Clams 2221
Carver Frozen Shucked Clams 5019

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Copper Creek Black Angus Ribeye 24863
Copper Creek Black Angus Tenderloin 25559
Chef’s Sig 2-4oz Steak Tips 27902
O.N. Maple Bourbon Steak Tips 25771
Oak Point NY Strip 12oz Frz 1556
South Shore Ribeye 14oz Frz 16770
Fire Braised Beef Flank Steak 21365
IBP Beef Flank Steak Fresh 22693

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Fresh CVP Bone-In Chicken Breast 5831
Hormel Fire Braised Turkey 9003
McKenzie Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast 14508
Mckenzie Oven Roasted Turkey Breast 14068
Jennie-O Raw Petite Turkey Breast 11784
Random Jumbo Chicken Breast 73818
Hormel Fire Braised Chicken Breast 13120

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PORK: keto pork chop loin

Kayem Artisan Pork Belly 13705
Farmland 5oz Pork Chops 73030
IBP Boneless Pork Loin 73329
IBP St. Louis Pork Ribs 73005
Hormel Fire Braised St. Louis Ribs 7775
IBP Boneless Pork Sirloin 9586
Hormel Fire Pork Shoulder 7776

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Vegan: vegan burger on bun with lettuce, tomato, onion

Veggie Life Quinoa Burger 27669
Veggie Life Jack Fruit Chili 27670
Impossible Burger patties 19131
Impossible Burger brick 19085
Heiwa Tofu 26368

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EGGS: keto foodservice cracked egg

Esbenshade Loose White Eggs 4736
Esbenshade Large Loose White Eggs 4673
Papetti’s Whole Liquid Eggs W/Citric Acid 20lb 4088
Papetti’s Whole Liquid Eggs W/Citric Acid 2lb 4087
Papetti’s Hard Cooked Eggs Peeled 2ct 20467

Inspiration for Breakfast

DESSERTS:scoops of different flavored ice creams with toppings

Ask you account executive about our numerous dessert options. We carry a wide ranging assortment covering the spread from everyday indulgence to gourmet offerings. We carry desserts from Sweet Source, Dianne’s Fine Desserts, Hoff’s Bakery, Chef Pierre, Brooklyn Cannoli Company and more, as well as ice cream and ice cream mix from Hood and super-premium ice cream from Shaker Pond in Alfred, Maine.

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For more information on items such as breads and starches, sides, desserts and food packaging talk with your Dennis Account Executive, or use any of the links on this page.

Chef Pierre Pies  Spices & Seasonings  Chef’s Cheese Board  Chef’s Charcuterie  Gluten Free

Sweet Red Chili Mussels

These mussels in a sweet red chili glaze make a perfect appetizer or menu-board special. They are quickly prepared to order and taste absolu...

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Mussel Bread Bowl

More often than not mussels are generally served with a couple thick planks of toasted bread used for sopping up the juices from the cooking...

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Hash Brown Breakfast Quiche

Perfect for breakfast, brunch or any time of the day. Serve as a snack or with a side salad. It's gluten-free, low carb and keto friendly!

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Ham Quiche
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Chicken and Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

This on-trend breakfast "sandwich" pairs juicy fried chicken, thick bacon, eggs, Kickin' Bourbon Molasses Glaze and cinnamon butter with two...

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Chorizo Chimichurri Waffle Burgers

This Carbonara Steak Pizza has tender sliced steak and bacon on a hand-tossed artisan crust with a rich, creamy asiago alfredo sauce.

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Grilled Shrimp & Guacamole Tostada Bites

Miniature fried corn tostadas with guacamole, Citrus Chipotle BBQ glazed grilled shrimp topped with Ranch dressing and cilantro. This seafoo...

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Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

This crowd pleasing appetizer is sure to satisfy your spicy and savory craving. Everything is better wrapped in bacon.

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Atlantic Shrimp Fritters

This is our New England spin on a South Florida classic, Conch Fritters. Our rendition is chalk full of native North Atlantic shrimp! Serve ...

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Caribou Shrimp
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Grilled Serrano Salmon

Grilled salmon topped with Kogi garlic serrano sauce and served with a fiery Asian slaw and sauteed baby bok choy.

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Bourbon Cedar Planked Salmon

A tender and flaky cedar-plank-roasted salmon fillet glazed with Sweet Baby Ray's Bourbon Molasses, served with savory slices of grilled pin...

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Slammin' Salmon
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Clam Rolls Two Ways
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Island Made Clams Linguine

This is a fun twist on the traditional clam’s linguine of old. Unlike the classical recipe's use of chopped clams we’ve incorporated fre...

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Broiled Clams with Saffron & Sausage

There is something to be said of the simplicity of a good broiled clam dish. Many chefs render there own renditions of this traditional age ...

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