chicken and waffles, egg and syrup sandwich

Chicken and Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

This on-trend breakfast “sandwich” pairs juicy fried chicken, thick bacon, eggs, Kickin’ Bourbon Molasses Glaze and cinnamon butter with two crispy golden Belgian waffles.


3 oz kickin’ bourbon molasses sauce item #10857
1 ea chicken breast, breaded, fried and cut in half item #30680
2 ea eggs, cooked to desired doneness
2 ea thick cut, cooked bacon slices item #20099
1 ea Belgium waffle, cut into 4 quarters item #78741
2 oz cinnamon butter


  • On the bottom quarter of the waffle place half the chicken breast topped with the egg, 1 slice of bacon, drizzle of kickin’ bourbon molasses glaze, top with another quarter of waffle, cinnamon butter and drizzle with more kickin’ bourbon molasses glaze.
  • Repeat to make second sandwich, and serve!
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