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Ocean Horizons® Atlantic Salmon Portions

Introducing 8oz Atlantic Salmon Portions from Ocean Horizons®. All Natural – No Chemicals, Preservatives, or Phosphates Added!

Ocean Horizons® Atlantic Salmon is raised in the clean, cold waters of Chile and fed a carefully controlled diet. Atlantic farm-raised salmon offers a more economical price point versus wild Sockeye salmon without sacrificing quality.

Ocean Horizons® 8oz Salmon Portions

Ocean Horizons® Deep-Skinned Atlantic Salmon Portions with KeepFresh™ are Best Aquaculture Practices Certified (BAP). Farm-raised Atlantic salmon is known for its mild flavor, consistent red-orange color, moderately high oil content and consistent supply which lends itself to virtually any cooking technique.

Item #26982
Atlantic Salmon
20, 8oz portions

  • Phosphate Free, IVP, Frozen
  • Accuracy in sizing and portion counts
  • Strict in-house Quality Control management
  • Deep-Skinned, for a more consistent flavor vs. commodity-trimmed product
  • KeepFresh™, a patented, all-natural, culinary technique to retain vital moisture

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KeepFresh™, a patented, all-natural, culinary technique to retain vital moisture. This natural moisture contains only the respective fish protein, water, and salt. The KeepFresh™ process involves marinating the fish with its own protein, inside and out, to lock in natural juices prior to flash freezing. This protects the fish throughout the freezing, storage, and cooking processes. Enhancing the natural moisture provides an added “forgiveness” during the cooking process that mitigates the effects of overcooking and hold times.

  • Protects the fish from the effects of dehydration in frozen storage
  • Promotes “forgiveness” during the cooking process and hold times
  • Provides a premium eating experience
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