Wholesale South Shore Meats Products

The South Shore Story

During the Fall of 1917, Carlo and Vincenza Crocetti, with their son Alfred, opened up neighborhood Italian grocery store, C. Crocetti & Son, with less than $500 to their name, an Italian family sausage recipe and something called the “American Dream”.

For over 35 years in East Boston, the Italian sausage business thrived along with the continual additions of other Italian meats and deli specialties. Along with a new member of the family, Carl Crocetti, (third generation), business began to grow to the wholesale levels servicing a growing number of Boston area restaurants and delicatessens. All along the way, their secret family sausage recipe remained the same.

In 1977 Alfred and his son Carl moved their entire operation from East Boston to East Bridgewater, Ma. acquiring Oakdale Packing Company. Still specializing in Italian sausage, the family also offered all cuts of heavy western steer with emphasis of Choice, Prime and Angus along with expanding into pork, lamb and veal, creating the signature Oakdale Farms product line while maintaining the Crocetti’s line. During that time the family welcomed Carlo Crocetti, born 4th generation in 1975.

In addition to maintaining Crocetti’s Oakdale Packing Company, in 1990 the family began a wholesale manufacturing division forming South Shore Meats in Brockton, Ma. This business focused primarily on providing portion control cuts of beef, pork, lamb and veal to all of the major foodservice distributors in the New England Area.

TRADITION, QUALITY and CUSTOMER SERVICE is what started this company and it remains intact with past and future generations to come.