Quickles! Housemade Quick Pickles

cartoon pickle crossing finish lineLet’s face it, we’re not reinventing the wheel here, merely fusing two words together (quick + pickle) to form one word – quickle! Quickles are an expeditious way to always have fresh “pickled brightness” close at hand. Whether you’re quickling onions, cucumbers, peeled cherry tomatoes, or even cabbage; learning the “quickle shake” means you’re never without a quick pickle.

Mod your quickles with unique flavors!

Peruvian Quickles – Add a hearty teaspoon of either Aji Amarillo paste #23188 or Aji Rocoto paste #24443 to your quickles for a pleasing layer of Peruvian heat.

Calabrian Quickles – Add a healthy amount of Calabrian chili peppers #23697. They’ll add a bold firey flavor to your quickles.

Sweet & Sassy Quickles – Add a mix of yellow sweet peppers #23190 and red sweet peppers #23186, plus a couple ounces of the sweet pepper brine to your quickles.

Truffle Tomato Quickles – If using cherry tomatoes, pealing them will allow the flavor to absorb deeper. Add roasted red tomatoes #23222, roasted yellow tomatoes #23194, and substitute ½ of the salt with truffle salt #23184.

Middle Eastern Quickles – For a adventurous twist of flavor, add 1 tablespoon tahini paste #9926 and a healthy tablespoon of Za’atar #23230 to your quickles.

“Posh” Quickles – For an upscale quickle add a pinch of saffron #23192 to your mix. This works well with artichokes, tomatoes or seeded and shaved summer squash.

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