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Chef’s Pantry: Shallots

Two delicious approaches for an upscale onion.

Pickled Shallots

Pickled shallots are an easy way to give your menu an adventurous look with 4 (5 if you add herbs) ingredients. These oniony pickles are not only beautiful & delicious… beautilicios?… but by adding the words “pickled” and “shallots” to your menu description it can afford you the flexibility to add an extra $1-$2 to dishes sporting a blanket of these amped up alliums.

House-made pickled shallots are also a great way to add extra pop (and profit) to your cheese boards!

Roasted Shallots

Having a quart of roasted shallots in your pantry is a easy way to add rich robust quick-fire flavors to recipes in need of that last minute Chef’s Pantry touch – big flavors at your fingertips. Roasting builds depth and richness of flavor for occasions when a bolder approach is needed.

Fresh peeled shallots are item #26310

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