pork puffs, chicharrones

Chef’s Pantry: Pork Puffs

Airy, crunchy, puffy morsels of porkliciousness.

Even if pork rinds, a.k.a. pork skins, a.k.a. chicharróns are’t on a trending foods list somewhere, we suggest placing them on yours!

Those who have attempted to make house-made chicharróns know that the process is labor intensive, and takes at least 2 days from processing to plate. First you boil the pork rinds, followed by carefully scrapping off as much excess fat as possible, then the skins are dehydrated for 1-2 days before frying and serving.  Farmland has eliminated all the work with their rendered pork skin pieces. These dehydrated pieces of pork rind are ready to go, simply fry, season & serve. The yield is amazing as they puff to nearly 5x the original size in volume.

Plus, there’s a good chance they’ll still be cracking and popping when they get to the table! Making for a very unique treat indeed.

Farmland Pork Skins Item #22306

Serve Pork Puffs…

  • Tossed with sea salt (#41994) & vinegar powder (#22314)
  • Spice them up with sriracha powder
  • Serve with dip for a spin on chips & dip
  • Chop into small pieces for a garnish crust on pork chops
  • Add to a sandwiches or burger
  • Add to a Caesar salad for a play on croutons
  • Sprinkle finely chopped puffs on a chocolate dessert or ice cream