Food Service Recipe: Turkey Scotch Eggs

What came first…the turkey or the egg? In the case of this recipe… diners need to break through a delicious layer of ground turkey before getting to the egg!

A Scotch Egg translates to multiple layers of deliciousness; a crispy seasoned bread crumb layer, followed by a layer of sausage (in this case house-made turkey sausage) then finally you reach the egg core. The perfect multi layered appetizer if you will.

Try serving a Scotch Egg on a slider roll for a unique slider presentation. Or, if you’re more of a full-size-sandwich establishment then cut in half, place on your favorite crusty bread and top with bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo for a fun twist on a BLT… The Scotch BLT!

Jennie-O, 85-15 Ground Turkey is Item# 13721 

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