turkey sandwich on bun

Empire State Bagel Sandwich

Smoked turkey breast and crisp turkey bacon are surrounded by fresh greens and the peppery zest of house-made watercress cream cheese, adding a modern twist to the New York bagel club. Serve with a side of red cabbage coleslaw to add even more veggies to the meal.

Serves: 1 sandwich


5 oz sliced, smoked turkey breast item #17717
2 slices crisp, turkey bacon item #7506
1 ea. toasted, warm bagel
1/3 cup watercress cream cheese
1 slice romaine lettuce
2 slices thick sliced tomato
3 ea. red onion rings
1/4 cup microgreens
pinch of salt and pepper

Watercress Cream Cheese: 
1 cup chopped, fresh watercress
8 oz cream cheese
2 teaspoon white Worcestershire sauce


  • Toast the bagel to a golden brown.
  • On the bottom half of the bagel, spread 1/6 cup of watercress cream cheese, then assemble.
  • Ingredients in the following order:
    – romaine lettuce
    – tomato slices
    – cooked bacon slices
    – smoked turkey breast
    – red onion rings
    – salt and pepper
    – microgreens
  • Spread 1/6 cup of watercress cream cheese on the remaining half of the bagel. Top the sandwich with the bagel crown, cut in half (optional) and serve.

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