August: Double-Crusty Mash Hash

A flavorful side dish with a little extra spice.

Featured for August in our 2021 UniPro calendar.

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Grilled “double-crusty” jalapeno red skin potatoes mashed and topped with a mixture of roasted “blistered” bell peppers and poblanos, sliced chorizo and topped with Cotija crumbles. This is a great dish to be served as an appetizer or a side for some needed spicy southwest inspired flavor.

Lamb Weston® started in 1950 on a small farm in the northwest region of the U.S., and has grown to be one of the world’s largest frozen potato companies, happily delivering the delicious goodness of fries to more than 100 countries.


Jalapeño Cheddar Red Skinned Mashed Potatoes 8 oz.
Chorizo, cooked, sliced 4 oz.
Green bell pepper, roasted 4 strips
Poblano peppers, or other mild peppers, roasted 4 to 5
Cotija cheese, crumbled 3 oz.
Jalapeños, sliced 2 tbsp.



  1. Prepare 1 pouch of Jalapeño Cheddar Red Skinned
    Mashed Potatoes cooked according to their directions.
  2. Place 8 oz. mashed potatoes in oven proof bowl. Grill amount needed until golden brown and crusty. Break up and place at the bottom of platter.
  3. Place 4 oz. sliced chorizo on top of mashed potatoes.
  4. Place 4 strips of roasted green bell pepper on top of chorizo.
  5. Scatter 4-5 small poblano peppers.
  6. Place 3 oz. crumbled Cotija on top of peppers.
  7. Top with 2 tbsp. sliced jalapeños.