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Dinner & Dessert – Petite Mock Tenderloin & Lemon Lime Pie

If you’re in need of new menu ideas, or some oh-so-craveable featured specials, these dishes make an excellent summer pairing.

Teres Major, Petite Mock Tenerloin

When it comes to cost effective and profitable alternatives to beef tenderloin or strip loin; Mock Tender (Teres Major) should be your first choice. The look of a micro beef tenderloin, the chew of a strip loin and a price tag that’s hard of either fore-mentioned cuts makes the Teres Major a winner. Weather thinly sliced on a salad or cut into medallions for an upscale presentation there’s a place for this cut on any menu.

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Lemon Lime Pie with Maine Wild Blueberry Sauce

This ideal summer dessert is sweet yet tangy, tart yet balanced… the perfect little slice of sunshine. Make a statement with your pie by topping with wild blueberry sauce, Amarena cherries, chunky grilled pineapple sauce or toasted coconut whipped cream. Give your guests a welcome break from the summer heat by offering a slice of refreshing, housemade and highly profitable Lemon Lime Pie.

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