veggie nachos on school tray

Veggie Nacho Boat

Looking for a vegetarian friendly dish? Try this loaded nacho alternative. All the flavor, all the protein, no meat involved… making these nacho average nachos.

Serves: 100

25 cups fresh or canned chopped tomato
25 cups low-sodium cheese sauce
192 oz Morning Star Farms sausage-style crumbles
100 oz tortilla chips
25 cups chili beans (2- #10 cans)



  1. Line nacho boast with 1 oz of tortilla chips.
  2. Combine sausage-style crumbles and chili beans in a pot and bring to 165˚F.
  3. Ladle crumble/bean mixture over tortilla chips.
  4. Top with tomatoes and cheese sauce.
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