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Are You in Sales or are You a Superhero?

June 10, 2022, Katie Kendrick (one of our New Hampshire, District Sales Managers) steps to the head of the Ron Dennis Conference Center and begins describing the way our sales team thinks and works…

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How to Select a Prep Cook

Every restaurant shift starts with prep. Your prep team is the key to getting your menu up and running, so choosing a good prep cook is crucial.

Dennis Difference Award Winner 2019 Man

The 2020 Dennis Difference Award

Congratulations to Mario Tribuzio, 2020’s Dennis Difference Award winner! Mario works diligently with passion and empathy to set his customers and coworkers up for success. Mario truly embodies the ideals of the Dennis Difference.

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The 2019 Dennis Difference Award

Congratulations to Steve Ropiak, this year’s Dennis Difference Award winner! At work and in his community, Steve always goes the extra mile and epitomizes the true spirit of what the Dennis Difference Award is all about…

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8 Scheduling Strategies for Restaurants to Increase Profitability

Creating a schedule is about more than just covering shifts. Good scheduling processes can positively affect your customers, employees and revenue. While having adequate staff on hand to accommodate your guests is your top priority, keeping your staff happy is a close second. You can find a balance between the two in which everyone wins.

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800 Days of Safety First!

From our drivers who deal with all sorts of weather conditions, ramps and heavy freight, and are in and out of the trucks all day; to our Account Executives with slippery sidewalks and long hours spent driving throughout their territories; to our operations team working with heavy machinery and heavy freight in their work areas; to all the office staff that deal with repetitive motion all day long.