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Are You in Sales or are You a Superhero?

On June 10, 2022, Katie Kendrick (one of our New Hampshire District Sales Managers) stepped to the head of the Ron Dennis Conference Center and began describing the way our sales team thinks and works, the way we support each other, and how we work to grow our business and those of our customers.

Casually thumbing through a page of notes on her phone, Katie looks out at the room and says, “Instead of allowing the bad things that happen to you to drag you down, you’ve used them as a catalyst to push yourself to become stronger, smarter, and better. Just look at what we went through over the last two years and where we are today.” She continues, “We’re mentally strong and have confidence in our abilities. We can accomplish anything we set out to do.” The room nods in approval.

“Everyday, our team uses its strengths, our true talents—what we’re naturally good at, enjoy doing, and have developed through practice.” More nods of approval. “Examples of strengths include creativity, being analytical, logical, getting along well with others, and excelling at strategic thinking.”

woman talking in conference roomGesturing to the team that was now hanging on her glowing description of them, Katie says, “When we identify weaknesses, we overcome them and learn from them–when we recognize weakness, we become stronger. Not just individually, but as a team. Stronger for ourselves and our customers.”

“We listen to those who need help and answer that call. We develop plans and execute them with great effect. We plan and strategize to overcome obstacles and challenges that fall in our path. We recognize the road is never easy, but we gladly accept the challenges that come our way.”

Katie pauses and looks around the room again. “We have a mission. And we have not faltered in pursuit of that mission, in spite of any failures, misgivings, discomfort, or setbacks we have encountered, we persevere, and we out compete.”

Now, one might think Katie’s goal was to rally the sales team–which is partly accurate. However, the whole truth is simpler than you might think. Katie was comparing the work we do to that of superheroes. Falling just short of verbatim, Katie was reading from an ordered list of how to become a superhero. Here’s the link to the article: How to Become a Superhero

After revealing the source of her dialog, a swelling of agreeable murmurs spread across the nodding audience, “We’ve all been part of a save-the-day scenario–and we never shy away from a challenge. In many ways, the only thing separating you from the superheroes referenced in this article are the costumes.” And with that, Katie returned to her seat amidst a round of applause.

What do you think? Is your Dennis Account Executive secretly a superhero? Please share your feedback and let us know how they’ve helped your business…

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