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An Ode to our Delivery Drivers – National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2023

In celebration of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week we’ve been celebrating our team, but we can’t thank them enough! We hope this poem captures the spirit of their hard work and dedication!

A poem for our delivery drivers:

In the land of pines, where lakes and mountains meet,
Across two states, and down a hometown street,
There roam our heroes of the open road,
Delivery drivers with hearts of gold.

For an employee-owned company they ride,
Through Maine and New Hampshire far and wide,
To service schools, restaurants, and convenience stores,
Supporting local businesses through delivery doors.

From early morn, before the sun’s first light,
They rise with courage, ready for their flight,
Their hands on the wheel, their minds set on the day,
The route is mapped out, they set on their way.

Through rain, through wind, through sun, and snow,
They brave the elements wherever they go,
To bring the ingredients restaurants need,
Their mission driven by an unwavering creed.

Independent businesses, small and grand,
They serve with dedication, heart in hand,
Like kindred spirits, hardworking and true,
Their destinies entwined, as they push through.

Heavy loads they bear, their backs to strain,
Loading pallets in a refrigerated domain,
Then onto hand carts, they deftly steer,
Into the restaurants, their goal is clear.

With sweat upon their brows, they labor on,
Unloading, reloading, till the day is gone,
Each pallet and box a testament to their might,
In this world of delivery, they cast a bright light.

Though they hustle and hustle from town to town,
They’re the unsung heroes, rarely seen renowned,
That is their toil, their strength, and their grace,
They bring food and essentials to your favorite place.

So let us raise our voices and declare,
Our gratitude, simply, for how it all gets there,
It’s our drivers, and a mighty operations crew,
For in their hands we go from grow to grew.

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It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. We’ve been celebrating our team all week, but we can’t thank them enough! We hope this poem captures the spirit of their hardwork and dedication! Thank you for all that you do! #truckdrivers #deliverydrivers #wholesale #deliveryheroes #foodservice #restaurantsupply #truckdriversoftiktok #operations #maine #newhampshire #appreciationpost

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