cooked shaved pork belly on a rice bowl

Hillshire Farm® Fully Cooked Sliced Pork Belly Topping

Enticingly thick and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, new Hillshire Farm® Carved Pork Belly is indulgence of a whole different variety.

The precut pieces are marinated with garlic and a hint of Applewood smoked flavor—perfect for imparting savory, premium flavor across your menu. Add the ultimate indulgence to any dish with the savory flavor of Hillshire Farm® Carved Pork Belly.

frozen shaved pork belly toppingWith Hillshire Farm® Carved Pork Belly, it’s easier than ever to deliver customers an elevated, decadent ingredient for all kinds of dishes. Fully cooked and ready to serve (2/5lb. bags per case), it’s the simple way to bring big flavors across the menu.

Hillshire Fully Cooked, Sliced Pork Belly
Item #27903

🏆 2023 FABI Award Winner

Menu Idea 💡 Create a signature Smokehouse Pizza featuring sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onion spread, roasted red peppers, smoked cheddar and provolone–all topped with crispy pork belly, thinly sliced crispy bacon and chives.

  • Indulgent, on-trend flavor provides an ideal way to enhance existing recipes, explore global flavors and create new dishes.
  • Unique topping option elevates any dish and differentiates your menu.
  • Convenient, thick-cut pieces allow you to quickly add the desired amount for pizzas, sandwiches, mac n cheese, tacos and more.
  • Prep versatility enables you to heat with an oven, flatttop, skillet, pizza oven or other equipment.
  • Fully cooked format adds speed in prep and ensures food safety.
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