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Episode 71 – High Tech Hand Hygiene with Christine Schindler

We’re talking to an engineer and inventor who’s taking restaurant hand hygiene to a whole new level.

In episode 71, Luke LaBree talks with Christine Schindler about her invention PathSpot, which scans hands and detects for harmful contaminants on employee hands.

Christine is an entrepreneur, engineer, and inventor who focuses on using technology to protect businesses and their customers from the threat of illnesses and outbreaks. Her creation, PathSpot, is a Hand Hygiene System used at thousands of restaurants, airports, schools, offices, and manufacturing facilities worldwide. In just two seconds, PathSpot scans hands and detects harmful contaminants that spread common illnesses. Simply wash, dry, and scan hands to determine your team’s handwashing frequency and effectiveness. PathSpot lands right at the intersection of technology and food service.

To learn more about PathSpot, and the work that Christine and her team are doing to improve hygiene practices and processes, check out their website: www.pathspot.com

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