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Episode 45 – Spotless Tabletops & Chemical Programs with Jesse Landry

In this squeaky-clean episode we’ve got tips for spotless tabletops and Dennis Account Executive Jesse Landry joins us for a chemical conversation!

Cleanliness¬†throughout¬†an entire operation is an¬†extremely important part of foodservice management. For help with training new employees, or as a reminder to experienced staff, we’re sharing steps to help your team maintain an immaculate environment and reputation. Plus,17 year Dennis Paper & Food Service¬†veteran Jesse Landry joins us for a discussion on chemical programs in foodservice.


We’re taking¬†inspiration for this week’s foodie fact from one of America’s favorite Independence Day foods. Hotdogs! This week’s foodie fact is brought to you by Kayem, New England’s premier hotdog manufacturer.¬†According to TIME Magazine, Americans eat 20 billion hot dogs per year. We‚Äôre asking, in millions, how many hotdogs do Americans consume each year on the 4th of July?

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