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Naked Cob… Corn off the Cob

Waste not, want not. Although the corn kernels have been stripped away, the naked cob can still provide many layers of flavor.

Get more from your corn than just kernels; every corn kernel starts from the cob.

In the coming months many food service operations will plow through countless bushels of fresh corn, striping the cob of the sweet golden/white kernels that will soon be used in many summer time culinary creations. Unfortunately, in most cases the cob will be chucked in the garbage before its full flavor potential is set free. Ultimately when the corn kernels are shaved from the cob there is a good chance that 10% of the corn remains attached to the cob, thus still containing hearty flavor potentials.

Personally, I’ve always used two easy fail-safe methods to extract every bit of flavor from the cob that can be used in other culinary preparations.

#1 A simple corn stock: Add a dozen or so fresh/raw corn cobs to 1.5 gallons of water + a few sprigs of thyme + 1/4 onion + 6 peppercorns + fire. Simmer for about an hour and strain; leaving a vibrant corn flavored stock.

#2 An easy corn cream: Add a dozen or so fresh/raw corn cobs to 4 qt heavy cream + Thyme, onion, & peppercorns in the amounts listed in #1 + fire. Gently simmer for 30 minutes, allow cobs to steep in the cream during the cooling process; strain to reveal a subtle corn scented cream

Corn Stock: Use in soups/consommé, for corn puree, in pasta dishes, in Pho

Corn Cream: Cream corn, Pasta sauces, Cream for mashed potatoes, infuse with Parmesan cheese and use for a mac & cheese or in a custard.

Photo courtesy of John Joh

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