za'atar spice blend, powder and graphic

Chef’s Spice Rack: Za’atar

A Middle Eastern spice with many applications.

Also know as “zaatar” and “zahtar” this Middle Eastern herb blend is comprised of a mixture of dry basil, thyme, oregano, sumac and sesame seeds.

Traditionally the spice mix was used primarily in baking, dusted on pita then dipped in olive oil, and as a staple household spice mix. In addition to traditional uses, this herbaceous mix bodes well with…

  • Any proteins including meaty seafood such as salmon and swordfish
  • Adds amazing flavor to marinades
  • Great mixed with yogurt for a dip
  • In dressings
  • As a dry rub
  • And, it adds a unique depth of flavor on pizza

Infuse your dishes with a distinct yet familiar and comforting flavor with Za’atar seasoning.

Za’atar is Item #23230

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