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Webinar: Plat-Based Nutrition

Making Plant-Based Eating Doable and Desirable in K-12

1 CEU credit for completion

Americans are told they eat too much meat and experts are recommending more plant-based meals. From Meatless Mondays to Vegan Before 6 to flexitarian – a significant percentage of consumers – led by Millennials and GenZ — are changing their diets to be more plant-focused for a variety of reasons.

Topics covered in this webinar include how to:
• Examine consumer insights, trends and myths around plant- based protein
• Review benefits and challenges of plant-based eating including taste, nutrition, health and the environment
• Explore plant-based solutions that keep kids coming back for more!

Attend this webinar to explore the growing trend of plant based diets and examine their nutritional adequacy in K-12 and Healthcare as well as visualize enticing ways to prepare veggie cuisine.

Thursday, March 8, 2018: 2-3 PM Eastern



Dave Grotto, MS, RDN, LDN
Senior Nutrition Manager, Specialty Channels & Frozen
Kelly O’Connor Gryzb
Senior Channel Marketing Manager, Education, Health Care & Lodging