French Silk Horchata Bite Parfait

Take your dessert menu to new heights with our French Silk Horchata Bite Parfait – a masterpiece of flavors and texture meticulously crafted for discerning palates. Featuring layers of indulgent Horchata Bites, velvety milk chocolate mousse, rich dark chocolate mousse, and billowy whipped cream, this parfait is a standout dessert choice for your restaurant.

Coconut Caramel Horchata Bites

Discover tropical sensation with Coconut Caramel Horchata Bites – a fusion of creamy coconut, crunchy toasted coconut shred, and decadent caramel and chocolate sauces. Each bite is full of flavor, complemented by fresh raspberries and a hint of mint.

White bowl with Horchata Bites covered in caramel sauce, walnuts, bananas and ice cream

Horchata Bananas Foster

Sauteed bananas in a citrus rum caramel sauce, served atop Horchata Bites and velvety vanilla ice cream. This innovative creation combines classic flavors with a modern twist, making it a standout addition to your restaurant’s menu.