Mexican Style Street Corn Dip

This recipe features corn… one of my all time favorite foods… along with bold Mexican flavors!

Sweet, crisp kernels perfectly aligned in golden rows on a natural serving vessel, to which you plant your face on and gnaw off the kernels “typewriter style”. Then there is the Mexican street corn style corn; which brings it to a whole new level. Street corn is typically served on the cob and coated with layers of vibrant flavors… mayonnaise, Cotija cheese, chili pepper flakes and cilantro to name a few. Yes, this can be messy to dig into. So, you should expect and be open to, getting the aforementioned toppings all up in your grill! Well worth the adventure though.

However, if your preference is to keep you face clean while dinning this can all be made “lazy style”… off the cobb. This recipe has the best of both worlds, sweet corn off-the-cobb with all the fixings, served up in the form of a delicious hot and bubbly dip.

Let’s take a dip!

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