hand pointing toward roasted garlic

Chef’s Pantry: Roasted Garlic

A must-have for any kitchen, roasted garlic compliments…everything?

Fresh garlic is the basic staple pantry item all (most) chefs carry, and can be found in nearly every savory recipe. Garlic in dressings, garlic in sauces, garlic for marinades, garlic for breads and yes, even garlic for ice cream. Although raw garlic is absolutely delicious it sometimes has a mild metallic flavor and may be to overpowering for some recipes. Roasted garlic on the other hand becomes far more subtle during the roasting/caramelization process, transforming the cloves into little golden garlic jewels suitable for almost any recipe.

A few things happen when roasting garlic…

  1. The garlic flavor becomes far more subtle.
  2. The garlic becomes smear-able. Garlic smear; yummy!
  3. The roasting oil becomes a preserving oil when stored together with the garlic; some call this garlic confit.
  4. The oil has become a garlic infusion of flavor and can be used when making a garlic vinaigrette or used as an infused finishing oil.
  5. Garlic breath is greatly reduced…….?

1 part garlic cloves + 2 parts oil blend + 350 degrees + 1 hour = Roasted Garlic Bliss!

Use Roasted Garlic & Garlic Oil with…

  • Dressings
  • Marinades
  • Sauces
  • As a rub for proitiens
  • As a pre-grill rub for vegetables
  • Use oil as a finish oil
  • Smear on the salad plate as part of a Caesar salad presentation