Chef’s Pantry: Labor-Saving Scones

When it comes to labor-saving products, Pillsbury’s scone dough is the way to go!

What’s in a labor-saver?

Are you looking for Products that assist with labor, alleviate workloads from your team, all while delivering your guests a deliciously consistent product? Look no further. We have the products to match your platform specifications without sacrificing your specific requirements. There are hundreds of companies that offer thousands of products; products with a focus on one thing– saving production steps. These products ease labor constraints and most importantly, giving you more time to do what you do best; running your business.

Scone dough is the way to go!

Although scone dough is relatively easy to make, it does take time to produce, and it can add an unnecessary bake shop-style mess to your limited kitchen space. That said, one of my favorite labor-saving items is the Pillsbury scone dough line. This is a product I have used for the past 10+ years now, including for use in large banquet functions. These scones are a freezer to oven product that are designed to maximize freezer space, ease labor, and control kitchen mess. Blueberry, white chip raspberry and cinnamon chip are three of my personal favorites.

Pillsbury Scone Dough Variety Pack #33264
Pillsbury Blueberry Scone Dough #33152
Pillsbury White Chip Raspberry Scone Dough #33148
Pillsbury Cinnamon Chip Scone Dough #33153

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