Grilled Rainbow Carrots with Rosemary Goat Cheese, Pistachios & Honey

Featuring subtle flavor variations and rich color these vibrant root veggies are a distinct way to add fresh appeal to your menu.

Rainbow carrots are enjoyed around the world, including the Mediterranean and Asia, but they are still a relative novelty in the United States. In this recipe, we’re bringing out flavors by lightly grilling our rainbow carrots – caramelizing the natural sugars in them. Then we’re topping them with simple, yet mouthwatering ingredients, transforming them into a deliciously unique side or farm-fresh appetizer.

  • Rainbow Carrots: SPO Item #11410
  • Goat Cheese Log: Item #9863

Each year an increasing number of hungry diners look to your menus for fresh and trendy seasonal ingredients. Keeping their interests piqued when it comes to menu design and product offerings is vital to your operation. Discover something new and fresh for your menu….

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