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Episode 73 – So You Want to Make a Podcast?

Welcome back, a seasoned sales pro and author, who’s about to dip his toes into the exciting world of podcasting.

This episode is perfect for small/medium independent businesses interested in creating a podcast.

In this episode of Dennis Knows Food, we’re diving into the world of podcasting with Michael Mirarchi, a professional “toilet paper” salesperson, author, and returning guest. Joined by Samantha Hammond, and your host Luke LaBree, this conversation is honest and refreshingly frugal advice for a friend, which has been recorded for posterity.

This isn’t a how-to guide. Click here for that. This is a breakdown that incorporates real experience and dives deeper into what it means to have a podcast as a business. Discover the often-overlooked challenges of podcasting, such as finding your niche, maintaining consistency, growing and improving, and handling technical hiccups.

Michael Mirarchi returns as a continually fascinating guest, and shares his excitement about the potential benefits of podcasting for your brand, expertise, and revenue. “This is great advice… I’m sure other’s would benefit from this to.” And that’s exactly what’s we’ve done, turning a meeting on podcasting, into an episode of podcast insights.

It might “sound” easy but there are plenty of challenges, remember that podcasting is all about connecting with an audience and building a community around content you care about. Tune in to “Dennis Knows Food” for more interesting guest, food service insight, and small business marketing marketing tips. Subscribe on your favorite podcasting platform.

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