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Episode 25 – Guests & Their Cell Phones, Menu Psychology and New Products

It’s Thursday, August 3rd, and today is National Watermelon Day!

Our foodie fact is inspired by this Summer favorite. The United States is the world’s 4th largest producer of watermelon. How many pounds of watermelon are grown in the US each year?


In this week’s podcast we’re picking up the phone – well, your customers are anyway. We’ll touch on the growing impact of smart phones on foodservice. We’re also taking a closer look at the psychology behind good menu design. There’s actual science behind getting customers to order and spend more. For example, did you know that alluding to past time periods can trigger happy memories of family, tradition, and nationalism?” One study says, “Customers sometimes like the feeling of tasting something wholesome and traditional.” Connecting emotionally with your food can draw out these happy and nostalgic memories resulting in more satisfied customers.

Lastly, a slew of new items have been added to our inventory – sixteen to be exact, more about those in this week’s episode. You can also find more information on these items, including their item number and pack size through the link below.

Links and product information mentioned in this episode include our website – This weeks new products – Our recipe for Smoked Pork Belly Sliders –

Blog Bonus: Perfect Pairings Drive Profits
Two tastes are better than one. Suggesting food and beverage pairings can satisfy the 60% of consumers who are interested in pairings when dining out… Continue reading here:

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