Empanadas, hand pies packed with potential!

For those of you looking for the perfect balance of house-made appeal and friendly labor-saving production; look no further than empanada dough.

package of empanada dough discsEmpanada dough works very well with almost anything you can stuff into it, providing your establishment the potential to create unlimited fillings and flavor-packed combinations. Plus, you’ll maintain that gorgeous scratch-made look and feel while only using half the labor. Empanada dough rounds offer a neutral flavored starting point that is suitable for sweet or savory applications. Apple pie filled, blueberry lemon filled, a play on s’mores, bacon, egg & cheese, or chorizo & Manchego are but a small smattering of possibilities. For a savory cannoli concept using empanada dough, click here.

Goya empanada dough is special order item #26715 (24/10ct packs)

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