June: Brûléed Banana Crunch

A multi-layer treat that will turn heads and leave customers licking their plates! 🍌

Featured for June in our 2022 UniPro calendar.

Seriously, there’s no over-promising with this dessert. Featuring layers of brûléed banana, fluffy waffle, ice cream, and crunchy popcorn covered in chocolate and caramel sauces to achieve a treat that is equal parts sweet, equal parts salty and 100% awesome. It’s everything crave-able and then some!

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 Ingredients for 10 portions
Krusteaz® Buttermilk, Square Flat Bottom Waffle 30 ea
Vanilla ice cream 2, 1/2 gal
Granulated sugar, divided 2, 2/3 cups
Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP® Real Butter Popcorn 2 quarts
Bananas 5
J. Hungerford Smith® Caramel Fudge 2, 1/2 cups
J. Hungerford Smith® Mellocream® Chocolate Fudge 2, 1/2 cups


  1. Thaw the waffles and the ice cream until both become soft. Heat waffles in an impinger or on a flat top grill until toasted.
  2. Line a full baking sheet with parchment, then spread the ice cream out into a 1-inch thick, even layer. Freeze until firm, at least 1 hour.
  3. On a parchment lined sheet tray, spread sugar out in an even layer, reserving a 2/3 cup. Bake in a 450°F oven until it turns brown, 15-20 minutes. Remove from oven and immediately sprinkle the popcorn on top. Set aside to cool.
  4. Remove frozen ice cream sheet from freezer; cut into 20, 4-inch squares.
  5. Build a triple layer ice cream sandwich: waffle, ice cream, waffle, ice cream, waffle. Return to freezer for no more than 10 minutes. Repeat with remaining waffles and ice cream.
  6. Slice bananas in half lengthwise, then sprinkle the cut sides with the remaining sugar. With a blow-torch, heat the sugar until it turns brown and gets hard.
  7. Remove ice cream sandwich stacks from freezer. Place on serving dish, then drizzle with 1/4 cup each of the chocolate fudge and caramel sauces.
  8. Place bruleed banana on top of sauce. Finish the sandwich by breaking apart the popcorn shards and topping the banana with them. Serve immediately.