Baked Haddock with Corn and Oregano

A Uniquely New England Twist on Baked Haddock

Traditional New England staple or creative menu offering? There is no right or wrong answer, as it greatly depends on your individual preference. Personally, I tend to evaluate the classics and come up with ingredients that play well within the traditional palate. Baked haddock is a perfect example of a classic dish that can be taken down several unique avenues. By adding grilled corn and oregano, which is my favorite all-purpose herb, I was able to give this New England staple a creative twist without reinventing the wheel.

Why stop there? Push the limits of your baked stuffed haddock dish by adding alfredo sauce and torn basil leaves for an Italian twist, or bake with sliced chorizo, corn, and saffron butter for a Spanish twist.

Traditional or creatively elevated? It’s up to you!

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