bacon, waste-not want-not graphic

Bacon, Rendering Phat Flavor

Waste not, want not. Saving your bacon fat can lead to phat flavors when used properly (and in moderation.)

Most establishments use bacon in some capacity. Those who do know there is normally a considerable amount of fat remaining from the rendering (cooking) process; in some cases nearly 20% of your bacon is rendered to the form of fat… AKA liquid bacon gold. Rather than discard these delectable drippings, use them as additional building blocks of flavor. Ultimately, bacon drippings bear a price tag, your ultimately paying the same price per pound for bacon drippings as you are the bacon (raw) itself. Don’t let the flavor go to waste!

A rendered down rendition of amazing bacon flavor.

This is not to say you should use liquid gold in place of butter/oils in all your recipes. However, you should allow yourself a couple outlets within your menu to fully utilize product which you paid for.

For use as both a marketing tactic and notation for decision-making diners; be sure to add disclaimers on your menu for any dishes that contain bacon fat.

Check out these Phat ideas:

  • Caramelize onions with it
  • Roast garlic in it
  • Add to mashed potatoes in place of butter
  • Add a small amount to your oil when making a vinaigrette…bacon vinaigrette
  • Sear steaks, salmon, or scallops in it
  • Use when cooking griddle home fries
  • Use for some sauté items
  • mix with tapioca maltodextrine for bacon powder
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