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8 Ideas for Restaurant Pictures to Post on Your Social Media Sites

Of course your restaurant is active on social media. You talk back to your Twitter followers and engage your Facebook fans…but your following still isn’t as involved as you’d like. What gives?

It may all go back to the adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Sure, replying to your customers and giving them updates via text is important, but pictures can really push your message over the top. Pictures actually show your customers how awesome your restaurant is. And don’t think you can only post your pictures on Instagram…you should be using photos on your other social media accounts, too. So what types of pictures should you be showing off?

1. Your food.

This one should be a given, right? Of course your restaurant should show customers the food you serve! But there’s one important thing to keep in mind: your pictures need to look really, really good. If your food doesn’t look appetizing, you risk actually turning customers off. You could consider hiring a professional photographer, or you can follow these simple tips for a DIY photo shoot. At the very least spend a little time Googling how to setup lights, do simple staging and other tactics to help your food look its best.

2. Your drink specials.

Don’t stop at food photos…you should also show off your drinks. This is where great presentation and unique glass wear or garnishes can come in. If you make your drinks look good enough, you can lure in thirsty customers.

3. Your restaurant’s interior.

Customers who’ve never visited your restaurant probably wonder what it looks like inside. Take the opportunity to show off your dining room and bar. By showing off your ambiance, you’ll let customers know what to expect when they pay you a visit. Try using a wide angle lens or taking panoramic shots with a smartphone. Experiment with photos showing a full dining room or bar area, as well as empty rooms or staged tables ready for hungry customers. Build a library of shots from which to choose the right photo when you need it.

4. Show off your staff.

Your staff members are an important part of your restaurant, so why not share a few pictures of them with your social media customers? This shows off your restaurant’s personal side.

5. Images from your suppliers.

More and more customers are curious about the story behind their meals, so they may find it interesting to see pictures of the ingredients that make up their dinners, deliveries or even the source. This is especially important if your focus is on local, organic, or sustainable food.

6. Your chef’s preparation.

Customers like to see how their food is prepared, and showing pictures of your kitchen process lets them know that you put care into each meal. Of course, it’s extra important to make sure everything in your kitchen is clean and up to code if you’ll be showing if off on social media!

7. Customers’ pictures.

It’s great to show your pictures of delicious meals, but why not let customers get in on the action and share their pictures, too? Encourage customers to share their food shots and then share them with your followers. Instagram and Facebook are ideal platforms for customers to tag your business in photos, and for you to engage them with likes and comments.

8. Customers enjoying themselves.

If your restaurant is having a party, a happy hour, or just a great night, take some pictures of satisfied customers to share on social media (get their permission first, of course!). People will be more likely to come in to your restaurant if they see others having a great time.

Pictures can be a great way to engage your customers on social media and get them even more involved in your restaurant. Try out a few of these ideas and see how your customers respond!

Source: Buzztime Business with edits from Dennis Paper & Food Service