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Episode 37 – Salmon & Instagram’n – Plus Social Media in Foodservice with a Special Guest

After a brief hiatus we’re back in the studio! Our first podcast of 2018 is a double-length episode with special guest Katrina Petersen.

Where has the podcast been for the last 2 months? Under construction! Since completing our most recent major expansion we’ve added over 20 new members to the Dennis Paper & Food Service team. So, we’ve been busting down walls to make room! Construction is now nearly wrapped, the podcast studio is back together and we’re recording once again.


In this episode we’ve got info on new items, where to register for our 2018 food show, Maine’s salmon industry is in the news, advice on Instagram for restaurant operators and a discussion on social media in foodservice with guest Katrina Petersen.

Links and product information mentioned in this episode include registration for our 2018 Food Show on our website: Our new Recipe Center at The source article on salmon farming proposal in Maine – here.

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