In The Test Kitchen with Heather Kerner

Heather from The Good Crust and Maine Grains in our Test Kitchen

When culinary innovation meets local goodness, magic happens in the kitchen. Recently, we had the privilege of hosting Heather Kerner, the mastermind behind The Good Crust, in our test kitchen. Heather’s visit was nothing short of a gastronomic journey, blending creative pizza dough ideas with the goodness of locally sourced Maine Grains.

Exploring the Highlights

During her visit, Heather showcased a range of delectable creations that left our taste buds tingling with excitement. Here are just a few highlights from her inspiring session.

  1. Fougasse: Heather’s take on this classic French bread was nothing short of sensational. She transformed the humble bread into an artisanal masterpiece with locally-sourced Maine Grains.
  2. Rustic Tomato Galette: A rustic and savory delight that celebrates the flavors of local ingredients. The flaky, golden crust paired perfectly with Maine Grains’ wholesome goodness.
  3. Breakfast Pizza: Who said pizza is just for lunch and dinner? Heather’s breakfast pizza was a revelation, featuring a perfect blend of flavors to kickstart your day.
  4. Breakfast Roll: A delightful twist on traditional breakfast rolls, Heather’s creation incorporated Maine Grains’ nutritious touch, making it a breakfast worth savoring.

Maine Grains – The Heart of It All

What makes Heather’s creations truly exceptional is her commitment to using locally sourced Maine Grains. These grains add a unique, wholesome flavor to her dishes and support our local community.

Maine Grains has been a vital part of our culinary journey, ensuring that each dish crafted in our test kitchen carries the essence of our region. From artisan bread to pizza dough, these grains have become the heart and soul of our culinary creations.