The Basics of Chowder

Chowder, the unofficial soup of New England.

We all know that most visitors traveling to, and vacationing within New England, are looking to slurp down a wicked good amount of chowder. In some cases, your chowder might be the biggest reason for a repeat visit to your establishment year after year. Featuring a signature chowder on your menu could be just the ticket for those return customers or an easy up-sell by waitstaff. In this video recipe, I’ll demonstrate the basic steps of preparing a delicious chowder, from which you can derive your creative variations.

If preparing a unique chowder from scratch falls outside your operation’s current capabilities, we stock a fantastic variety of premium, ready-made, heat-and-serve chowders. These versatile products can even be used as a base layer for creating your restaurant’s signature chowder. For example, you could add chorizo to corn chowder, a dash of zaatar to fish chowder, or a pinch of saffron to lobster chowder.

House-made, premade, or premade as a base; consider chowder’s place on your menu and its potential impact on your average ticket. And, when you’re ready, here’s a simple way to add more profit with just one additional ingredient–I call it “chowda pot pie“.

Chowdah up!

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