mccain dip'n wedges

NEW! Dip’n Wedges™ for Restaurants & Foodservice

Crispy V-Shaped Potato Scoops

Crispy McCain® Dip’n Wedges™ are now available from Dennis Paper & Food Service. The appetizer potatoes feature a ridged V-shape that’s sure to turn heads. Create a multitude of unique signature dishes by loading with toppings or serving with a dip. However you menu ’em, your guests will remember Dip’n Wedges!

  • Serve as an appetizer with signature sauces/dips.
  • Load them up nacho-style.
  • Use them as the base for an unforgettable entree.
  • Charge more as a premium fry option.

Item #24858
Pack: 6/4 lb

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