shoulder bacon

Market Cut Shoulder Bacon

Add more “craveability” to your menu with this remarkably tender, buttery bacon that delivers a satisfying, unforgettable bite.

New from Hormel Foods | Item# 16283

Pecanwood smoked shoulder bacon. Cut from the pork shoulder, this bacon uses the Coppa muscle, the premium, well-marbled, heart of the pork shoulder. We then add our exceptional cure ingredients and slow smoke it over 100% Pecanwood chips. Visually impressive, Market Cut Shoulder Bacon helps create more “wow” throughout any menu.

Shoulder Bacon

There are moments that inspire, excite, and stir our culinary passion. This unique bacon – cut from the pork shoulder – was created to be such a moment. Talk with an Account Executive about how to add the distinctive look and rich flavor of Market Cut Shoulder Bacon to your menu.

• Differentiate your menu with familiar ease.
• Menu bacon with more unique and dramatic appeal.
• Excite your patrons with deep, rich bacon flavor.

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