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Fish and Chips with Serrano Aioli

Battered fish fillets served with fries, coleslaw and homemade serrano chili aioli.


  • 1 ea white fish fillet, beer battered and fried
  • 2 oz fried crispy, french fries
  • 2 oz cole slaw
  • 1 ea lemon wedge
  • 4 fl-oz serrano chili aioli


  • 4 fl-oz Kogi serrano chili sauce
  • 4 fl-oz signature garlic aioli


  1. Batter and fry fish and french fries in 350˚F oil until cooked.
  2. Drain and place on plate with ramekin of serrano aioli, serve warm with coleslaw and lemon wedge


1. Place ingredients in small mixing bowl and blend well. Label, date and refrigerate.

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Kogi Serrano Chili Sauce
Item #20903

People seek Kogi out. Driving out of their way just to get a taste. Why? One word: flavor!

People’s palates are changing. They want…no, crave original, uncommon, adventurous flavors. That’s Kogi. And now you can take advantage of this trend and serve up the fearless flavor combinations that everyone’s lining up for.

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