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Episode 70 – Managing Restaurant Menus for Margin & Profit

Real-world advice on menu management from a food service professional with over 20 years of experience.

In episode 70, Dennis Food Service account executive Josh Henderson joins Luke and Samantha to discuss menu pricing and managing your restaurant’s menu for margin and profit.

The start of a new year is always a good time for restaurants to evaluate and update menus for profitability. But, as you’ll hear in this episode, given inflation and rising overhead costs, it’s best to build this task into your regular workflow, helping ensure your menu consistently meets expectations and desired margins. Menu management is one of Josh’s favorite parts of the job. In this episode, he draws from his years of hands-on experience consulting with restaurant operators to share key takeaways. With more and more operators working IN their restaurants lately, it’s important to remember to set aside adequate time to work ON your business.

For more factors to consider when adjusting menu prices in 2023, check out Luke’s article “New Year, New Menu Prices.” And for more about restaurant menus, marketing, and profitable strategies for your restaurant check out our blog.

To see Josh’s example comparing the results of trying to shave costs on ingredients vs. building in profitability to your menu, click here: Example Video

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