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Companions Eco-Box Biodegradable Paperboard Takeout Containers

Companions Eco-Boxes are environmentally friendly, 100% bio-degradable, coated paperboard containers that are perfect for packaging and taking food on-the-go. Featuring a sturdy design with protective inside coating, for leak resistance; ideal for takeout meals, boxed lunches, and leftovers. Kraft brown paperboard provides upscale, eco-friendly appeal and hand-made touch. Various sizes available, from small portions to large meals, find just the right size “green” takeout container. Eco-boxes provide a classier look and outperform the durability of doggie-bag style packaging.


Poly-coated Paperboard
Kraft Brown
Environmentally friendly, 100% bio-degradable

23260 – ECO-BOX #1 KRAFT 4x3x2.5
23262 – ECO-BOX #8 KRAFT 6x4x2.5
23264 – ECO-BOX #3 KRAFT 7x5x2.5
23741 – ECO-BOX #4 KRAFT 7x5x3.5

kraft brown paper takeout box