assortment of donuts

10 Ideas to Dress Up Your Donut Offerings

Add pizazz to your plain, pop to your powdered, and glam to your glazed with these 10 quick tips!

Cinnamon Sugar – Mix 2 lbs granulated sugar and 1 oz cinnamon. Drain fried donuts, roll warm donuts in mixture until completely covered.

Coconut & Jelly – Place warm donut into jelly of choice and cover completely. Remove donut from jelly and cover with coconut. Donut may be glazed and then dipped into coconut.

Chocolate Icing – Warm Chocolate icing and dip donut into frosting on topside only. Dip half of donut into sprinkles, nuts, etc for a nice appearance.

White Icing – Warm and dip top side of donut into icing. Dip entire donut into sprinkles or nuts or dip half of donut for a nice effect.

Caramel Icing – Warm icing and dip donut, long john, bismark or cinnamon roll into caramel icing. Top with toasted coconut, butterscotch crunch or nuts of choice. Ice pershing with caramel icing and top with peanuts for a crowd favorite.

Tiger Stripe – After dipping donut into white icing, let set up 5-10 minutes and string ice with chocolate or caramel icing. Use opposite colors for a nice appearance.

Mocha Sugar – Mix 2 lbs granulated sugar, 1 oz cocoa, 1 teaspoon instant coffee. Roll warm donuts in mixture until completely covered.

Powdered Sugar – Mix 1 lb powdered sugar, 4 oz granulated sugar & 4 oz cornstarch. Allow donuts to cool completely, roll donut into mixture until well covered.

Go-Beyond-Glaze – With glazed donuts, while glaze is still tacky dip into coconut, crushed breakfast cereals, nuts or sprinkles.

Peanut Butter Donuts – Add crunchy or smooth peanut butter to white roll icing and ice top side of donut.

Desired flavor may be obtained by putting a small amount of flavoring into glaze and adding a few drops of the proper food coloring. Concentrated fruit may be used instead of flavoring or coloring.