pumpkin cheese ball graphic

Doritos® Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Have fun with Halloween appetizers!

Take your inspiration from the video, use your own recipe or try this idea for the cheese spread…

2 8oz blocks of cream cheese
2 teaspoons chili seasoning
¼ cup of diced green pepper
¼ cup of chopped chives
1 cup finely grated hard cheese like Asiago
1 cup crushed Doritos Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips
1 green pepper stem

  • In a large mixing bowl, combine and mix cream cheese, seasoning, green pepper, chives, and grated cheese.
  • With clean hands, shape the mixture into a ball or pumpkin shape and wrap in plastic wrap.
  • Place cheeseball in the fridge until firm (about 2 hours).
  • Crush Doritos in a plastic bag.
  • Roll the cheese ball in the crushed chips and top with the bell pepper stem.
  • Serve with Tostitos, veggies, etc.