gnocchi pasta with red sauce

Chef’s Pantry: Gnocchi

The all-season dumpling!

It’s an easy leap to make your menu unique with gnocchi.

Gnocchi is an Italian dumpling, usually made from potato, egg, flour and various herbs and seasonings. The dough is typically allowed to rest for 15 minutes (also known as a power nap) before being rolled into long thin ropes, sliced into small dumpling and rolled on a Gnocchi board which gives the Gnocchi its distinctive dimples used to capture sauces.  

If you’ve made gnocchi before you know it can be a messy, tedious and a somewhat daunting process. In the wrong hands improperly made gnocchi can become inconsistent, gluey or tough. Joseph’s Gourmet Pasta has made gnocchi fun and approachable to all culinary levels with their premium potato gnocchi. With their flash freezing process, neither flavor or appearance have been sacrificed with this product, which is well-suited for many preparations.

Item #13365 Joseph’s Gourmet Pasta Potato Gnocchi

Here are just a few of my favorite uses!

  • Bake in a cheese sauce for Gnocchi Mac & Cheese
  • Fry, toss with Herbs and seasoning for Gnocchi Totts
  • Toss with a meat based Bolognese sauce
  • Fry and use for a fun alternative to brunch potatoes