Is it Bread Boule or Bread Bowl?

Let’s start by kicking any confusion… Bread Boule (ball) = Bowl

The season of hearty fare and soups is upon us, and so to is the need for us to come up with fun creative dishes to match the changing appetites of our guests.

One such fun seasonal alternative is the bread boule. The boule is a French bread that literately translates to ball, which makes sense based on its round size and ball like appearance. Although this bread is deserved of a place in the bread basket, it also deserves consideration for use as a bread bowl.

Bread bowls have been a popular cold-weather serving vessel for years now. Typically soups, bisques and chowders are the most common candidates served in this edible serving vessel. I like to look at the bread bowl as a reverse crouton in a Caesar salad presentation, as the crusty bread served for broth diving with sautéed mussels or as the garlic bread for a pasta dish.

The possibilities are endless. Look to the boule for inspiration as a bowl.

Other ideas include use as a salad bowl, taco bowl, chili bowl, spaghetti & meatballs in a garlic bread bowl, as a bowl for dips, mussel bowl and a baked mac & cheese bowl.

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