vegalene garlic spray

Wholesale Vegalene Zesty Garlic Mist

Add a healthy boost of garlic and speed up prep with Vegalene® Garlic Mist® Seasoning Spray.

Add an authentic taste of buttery-garlic goodness with Vegalene® Zesty Garlic Mist® Seasoning Spray and create dishes your patrons will crave and, saves you time in the kitchen.

Vegalene® Garlic Mist® is a no prep, shelf stable garlic flavor that eliminates the hassle of mincing, melting and mixing. One quick spray of Vegalene® Garlic Mist®adds a robust garlic-buttery flavor without the waste and mess of brushes or the worry of cross-contamination.

Spray Vegalene® Garlic Mist® Seasoning Spray to finish off breads, rolls or breadsticks hot out of the oven. Or add an unmistakable garlic accent to sautéed meats, fish, vegetables and other grilled favorites. Indulge in the fresh taste of homemade croutons on your next salad. Simply cube thick-sliced French bread, spray with Vegalene® Zesty Garlic Mist® and toast until golden brown. Add a quick spritz of Vegalene® Garlic Mist® around your pizza crust or liven up pasta dishes with a rich, bold garlic flavor.

Vegalene® Garlic Mist® Flavor Spray is a healthy alternative to traditional garlic oil and butter without adding trans fat, allergens, cholesterol, sodium, gluten or calories, and it’s Kosher Pareve. Create robust healthy menu offerings and accommodate patrons’ nutritional needs.

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