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Tyson Foods NEW whole-muscle chicken bites are mini but MIGHTY!

We’re now stocking Tyson’s NEW Mini Chicken Bites, fully cooked breaded whole muscle chicken bites. These tasty morsels are a versatile addition to menus. Perfect for pizzas, salads, or creating unique items like a Crispy Chicken Po’boy sandwich. These super-small, whole-muscle bites offer endless possibilities, delivering the ideal balance of crispy and juicy.

Move beyond traditional popcorn chicken with Tyson® Mini Chicken Bites, featuring premium white meat chicken breast.

Welcome to big juiciness, amazing texture and major menu versatility-from the smallest pieces of whole muscle chicken meat we’ve ever created.

Introducing Tyson® Mini Fully Cooked Breaded Whole Muscle Chicken Bites: Tiny, premium, whole muscle white meat chicken breast bites in a light, crispy breading. Smaller than popcorn chicken, these bites are perfect as a shareable snack, topping, or an indulgent ingredient for any number of dishes.

Mini But Mighty
Delectable chicken bites offer endless possibilities to easily elevate any menu.

Menu Versatility
Create new shareables and enhance salads, pizzas, sandwiches, wraps and more.

Whole Muscle
A step up from popcorn chicken, which is often formed.

Light, Crispy Breading
Perfectly textured breading delivers just the right balance of crispy and juicy.

Easy Prep
Menu chef-quality dishes while helping to reduce time and labor.

Juicy and Delicious
Fully cooked bites deliver consistent quality across your menu.

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