The Many Faces of Biscuits

The creative possibilities of biscuits in foodservice are boundless.

Biscuits are on a top tier in the comfort food category. This quick bread is commonly baked in rounds and served as a side, often with another top tier comfort food – fried chicken. Biscuits are popular as a savory breakfast bread. And of course served with a classic baked bean dinner warm biscuits are a must (if you don’t have Brown Bread at your finger tips that is.) However, there’s a lot of untapped opportunity for restaurants and food operations using biscuits. The standard biscuit dough can be manipulated and altered from its traditional form to create fun biscuit dough based diversions from the norm. One of my favorites is the griddle biscuit; slightly flatten and cook in a cast iron pan with a healthy amount of butter. 🤤 The big question is – what will you create?

Rich’s 4oz Jumbo Biscuit Dough #11100

Here are 7 easy-to-execute ideas!

  • Jumbo Biscuit & Mini Biscuits
  • Pot Pie Crust
  • Biscuit Hand Pies
  • Chocolate Stuffed Biscuit Balls
  • All Purpose Biscuit Cups

See our Rangeline Philly Steak Benedict video that uses the “all purpose” biscuit cups…
Philly Steak Benedict Video

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