WNWN Spotty Bananas

Save Your Aging Bananas

Waste not, want not. Give sweet new life to your spotty and browning bananas.

There comes a point when your bananas become limp, soft to the touch with a dark spotted skin that’s less than desirable in appearance and texture. Fact of the matter is this is the stage when your bananas yield a heightened level of natural sweetness… natural sugars that are perfect for many recipes, baked goods in particular.

Bananas are cheap-ish; so more often than not we tend to toss the discolored over-ripened ‘nanners without a second thought. Me, I like to stockpile my bananas for later use in banana bread, scones, pancakes, muffins, pastry cream, ice cream, creme brûlée, and smoothies; all of which can fetch some additional $$. Simply monitor your bananas, peal those that are becoming limp, place in a ziplock bag and store in the freezer for later use.

Another reason to closely monitor your bananas:
When bananas become overripe they become a prime candidate to attract fruit flies. Fruit flies will multiply and spread if not monitored.

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