Hash Brown Quichetata Recipe (Quiche-Frittata with Hash Browns)

This is not your traditional quiche recipe, nor your traditional frittata recipe. In this rendition we’re mashing things up hash brown style!

Why hash browns? I, like many others, love hash brown potatoes. Tender potato enveloped in a crispy golden brown exterior potato crust… a favorite amongst all breakfast potato connoisseurs. But, why should something do good be primarily served as a breakfast side? I say cross your hash browns over from corner of the plate to center stage! Here are a few fun and approachable ways to present hash browns as the star of your menu.

  • Use as a crust for a quiche or frittata (see our Quichetata video)
  • Use as a plank style poutine presentation
  • Top crispy hash browns with pulled chicken + drizzle with buffalo aioli sauce and shower with blue cheese crumbles
  • Use in place of bread as a base for bruschetta
  • Use in place of bread for a twist on a breakfast sandwich
  • Top with whipped cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers, shaved onions and chopped chives
  • Perfect for a “potato pizza” top with red sauce, pizza cheese and your favorite pizza toppings for a creative play on pizza
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